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Tom Digs This Presents an exciting opportunity for the budding gardener


Twenty week gardening course ONLINE

Course begins March 2016 and runs to mid July 2016.

Do you dream of being able to go into the garden and harvest a basket of vegetables regularly throughout the growing season?

Have you always hankered to have a veg patch and never quite felt you knew what to do?

Do you have a veg garden that doesn’t quite match up to the dream?  Some vegetables grow well, others not so well?

This year, for the first time ever, you can begin afresh…….. with simple, no nonsense, easy to understand gardening wisdom from Tom Petherick of Tom Digs This.

From the comfort of your own home, you can access weekly lessons on line and in addition get personal support from Tom himself in a series of online master classes where you will meet in person.

Starting this spring, you can join Tom on a journey through the gardening seasons, learning how to grow healthy, delicious vegetable and salad crops with some flowers and fruit thrown in too.

Tom will give you simple to follow instructions.  With his expertise and relaxed delivery, his foolproof methods will bring your veg garden to life and make it easy for you to grow an abundance of home grown veg and salads to enjoy throughout the year no matter what the size of your garden.

How Does the Course Work?

Through a detailed series of videos from spring through to summer, following individual crops.

From seed to harvest and storage get precise information on each crop via video and supporting copy bringing more detailed explanations of the videos.

Learn how to prepare the veg beds, feed the soil, use plant supports, learn watering requirements, nurturing of plants, weeding and after care.  The structure of your gardening week will be carefully detailed to make it accessible for everyone. This will be an opportunity to have the mentoring you need to keep up to date and on track with each crop grown whilst at the same time taking care of the health of the garden.

Tom will give detailed and easy to follow instructions and guidance as to exactly what is needed to plan, manage, grow and get the best results from your garden while also keeping the soil healthy.

What if I don’t have a Garden?

The course is suitable for any size of garden and will also cover growing in containers for those with small spaces.

How do I remember everything when I am out in the Garden?

All the crops that are covered on film will be accompanied by written copy. These fact sheets will cover all the basics and more. They will be available as pdf downloads from the website.  You can then print them up for ease of use in the garden whilst you are out and about, they can be kept in a file or laminated to preserve them from muddy fingers.  Both videos and copy will be available through the exclusive private area of the tomdigsthis website

Those who sign up will also have access directly to Tom via a personal email link and will also have the opportunity to talk with Tom live on a regular live master class call.

The tone of the course is relaxed. It is intended help those who sign up to connect with nature in a fun way as well as learning how to garden seriously.

The range of food crops covered will be wide. All will be suited to outdoor production with some time spent on what is possible to grow in a warm, sunny room.

How regular will the lessons be?

The lessons will be released weekly and will be broken down into the following easy to follow subjects. Every week I will be recording how the garden is growing and showing what is going on.

  1. Introduction

Here I explain the basics of organic gardening, planning and how to set up the garden, making beds and getting ready. It will cover soil, how to keep it healthy, compost and the general well being of the garden and the approach that I take.

  1. Getting started

This focuses on propagation of the various crops that will be growing in the year ahead. Seed sowing under cover in pots followed by pricking out, and direct sowing into the gardens beds or containers. This is where we begin to discuss the likes and needs of the various different vegetables and salads that we will be growing.

  1. Growing the Crops Weekly

Getting started with growing the crops outside. This means planting out, managing the beds and the plants themselves, weeding, supporting and how to grow. Here we look at soil conditions for planting and the management of the beds and the crops once the planting is done.

  1. Gardening through the weeks

Week by week I will run through the crops and show through video how each are growing and what to do with them. The videos will again be supported by written copy. This will be a pdf that can be downloaded from the secure area of the tomdigsthis website and will be pertinent to how the crops are growing in the films.

  1. Reaping the rewards

Looks at what happens as the crops reach maturity. Harvesting and storage is covered. Recipes and the best way to ensure the crops are as nutritious as they leave the garden and head towards the kitchen. The aftermath of a successful growing season, how to save seeds, crop removal, treatment of the beds and what measures to put in place for the seasons ahead will all are covered.

What Crops Will We Be Growing?


Different Varieties of Tomatoes







Lettuces: Lollo Rosso, Crispy, Butterhead, Oak Leaf and Cos types

Purslane winter and summer varieties

Dill, Basil, Coriander

Endive and chicory


Potatoes: Earlies and Main Crop including Maris Bard and Pink Fir Apple

Onions, Shallots, Garlic and Leeks

Cabbage varieties, summer, autumn and winter


Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Peas: Early, Maincrop, Mange Tout and Sugar Snap






Beans: Broad Beans, Runner Beans, dwarf and climbing French Beans

Some annual flowers and fruit, including strawberries, currants and gooseberries, will be included as no vegetable garden is complete without these!

There will also be regular information about how the crops I am growing work in containers.

Growing in a polytunnel is also covered as this is where I do most of my propagation and grow the tender crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

If you follow this course to its conclusion you will have total access to a fully working organic kitchen garden. Don’t forget – I am growing all of these crops for my own health and the health of the family, so I’ll be doing my best to make things work as well as they possibly can whatever the seasons throw at us!

I really hope you enjoy it and thanks for signing up.


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