heliganbookHeligan: A Portrait of The Lost Gardens.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2004

‘The fascinating story of the gardens is brought up to date with this beautiful book chronicling the recent developments at Heligan.’
Gardens Monthly

‘… a gorgeous mix of the exotic, the cottagey and the wild. Simply stunning.’
The Independent


kitchens_heliganThe Kitchen Gardens at Heligan:
Lost Gardening Principles Rediscovered.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2006

The productive gardens are one of the chief glories of the gardens at Heligan. Originally created to make the house they served self-sufficient they have, since their restoration under the guidance of Tim Smit and latterly Tom Petherick, literally become a seed bed of best practice, taking the best of past traditions and modern scientific knowledge. In this book he tells how the garden was run in its Victorian and Edwardian heyday and it is also packed with traditional and cutting-edge advice, hints, tips and secrets on how best to keep flowers, fruit and vegetables in good fettle. It is a must-have for any gardener.


treesTrees That Shape The World.
Quadrille 2006

This groundbreaking new book is a detailed and beautifully photographed study of the extraordinary impact of trees on our lives and our surroundings in the past,present and future. In the starkest terms, without trees human life could not survive- they are vital in maintaining the balance of climate and the fragile ecosystems of our planet. Trees provide us with building materials, fuel, food, medicine, shade and protection from the elements. Trees are the link between the earth and the sky, and for centuries have been revered for their links with the past and their spiritual associations.


sufficientredSufficient: A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living.
Pavilion 2008

Sufficient” is a book to inspire, educate and encourage a process of change towards a simple, gentle and sustainable way of living. Many of us want to make a shift in our lives by slowing down and consuming less, embracing artisan foods and championing human-scale organic growing methods as safe, compassionate and pleasurable. This book is a guide to starting that process, however and wherever you currently live in the world.”Sufficient” is a passionate approach to understanding why changes need to be made and how they can be achieved in a fun and life-enhancing way.



farmlifeBiodynamics in Practice: Life on a Community Owned Farm: Impressions of Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch, Sussex, England.
Rudolf Steiner Press 2011

Born from a series of eight lectures delivered by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, the movement of biodynamic agriculture today encompasses many hundreds of farms and millions of consumers worldwide. This book examines what it is like to run a farm based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture.




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