The biodynamic compost preparations which we treat our compost heaps with are unusual to say the least. None more so than the dandelion ‘prep’ or BD506 as it is otherwise known. The reason dandelion is used is because of the sensitivity that it is able to imbue to compost after the flowers have spent the [...]

The Petherick family of Tom Digs This are back in the headlines again, this time with our camellias, as we take on the best of the south wests gardens at The Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show at Boconnoc, and win! Read the article here

Its not too late to join our 20 week How to Grow Organic Veg Course so e thought we would offer a free trial for those who might like a closer look. It is packed with hints, tips, and up to the minute techniques to get the best from your plot through the seasons ahead. [...]

Tamar Organics

Tamar Organics are my go to seed company. They are very reliable, generous in their quantities of seed and have an excellent range. They are well loved by many of my organic gardening friends, professional and amateur alike. Get ordering now. Tamar Organics.

April Top Tips

1. Sow everything else that you have not so far. Pumpkins and squashes and all remaining flower seeds. 2. Begin a gentle hardening off process for young plants that will soon go out i.e. ventilate the growing rooms/greenhouse/polytunnel well. We call this growing hard. 3. Cut the grass whenever you get the chance and put [...]

April in the Garden

April is the month when everything must be sown once and for all. The tender vegetables such as pumpkins and squashes fall into this category and all the flower seeds too. Planting out is a different matter. However far ahead your young plants are indoors don’t be too hasty in planting out. Sit tight and [...]

http:// Week 4 of my online organic veg growing course is now live. Its not too late to join…so hurry up and get involved. Hit the courses button in the top bar on the home page and sign up. Thank you, Tom

Nettle Soup

Recipe of the Week Nettle Soup  Our resident photographer Melanie Eclare is also a genius with foraging and cooking and we have been enjoying her nettle soup every spring since Rose was little Gather your nettle tops from hedgerows or the edge of your garden, make sure they are not too close to a busy road Wear [...]

Filming tomdigsthis

http:// A peek behind the scenes with film makers Bradley Wye and Ben Ward

March Top Tips

1. Sow peas directly into the ground with a few extra seeds in boxes inside in case there is trouble with mice. Do the same with broad beans outside. 2. Keep seeds safe from mice by suspending seed trays from the rafters of the greenhouse or polytunnel. 3. Sow summer leeks. Plastic fruit/mushroom boxes lined [...]