As many of you Know Tom has had to take a break from this page for a while. Hopefully he will be back here soon planting and posting.

We love hearing stories about community orientated farming and food projects doing well. Clare Horrell Programme Manager at Just Growth reports on six projects that they are working with. Over the last year, The Real Farming Trust through it’s Funding Enlightened Agriculture (FEA) Network has been running an innovative new funding programme across the UK [...]

July at Cholwell

July in the garden is all about making sure you have enough in the ground to satisfy your summer needs. It is easy to get distracted and before you know it there are no French beans any more, where there could have been a second crop. Or lettuce for that matter. Some things are done, [...]

July Top Tips

Remember the best compost is the gardeners shadow so get out there early … Keep sowing lettuce, French beans, beetroot, carrots and sugarsnap peas. Make a tea from the mare’s tail plant (Equisetum arvense) and spray it on your potatoes before any signs of blight. Fill a bucket with mare’s tail leaves and allow to [...]

Read Tom’s latest article in the Telegraph on this most perennial of subjects. Source: How to fight heavyweight weeds, from hemlock to hogweed

June Courses

We have two different courses running in June Forage and Grow This Saturday 11th June there is ‘Forage and Grow’ with me Tom Petherick and Anna Bridget McNeill at Cholwell Farm, Dartington TQ9 6AD. Another day of exploring the nutritional and healing benefits of wild and cultivated plants all found here at Cholwell, a certified [...]

June at Cholwell Farm

It has been a funny old season. A cliché it may be but I honestly don’t think I recall as late a spring as this one. When it came it was with a rattle. Suddenly the land exploded into green and there was no turning back. With seasons like this some things do well and [...]

June Top Tips

Get the hoe out on a sunny day and knock off the weed seedlings. I can’t say this too often. One year’s seeding is seven year’s weeding the old saying goes. Cover your strawberries against marauding birds. This is vital. Once they get a taste for them they will go to any lengths to get [...]

May Top Tips

May Top Tips 1. Get planting out the moment the night time temperatures are warmer. Keep your eyes on the forecast and get ready to cover things up if the frost returns. 2. Allow generous spacings. Gardening is not all about getting maximum yields. Treat your soil and all the life within it with respect. [...]

May in the Garden

Funny weather we are having…we say year after year, and this one is no exception. It remains cold but there is talk of a rapid increase in temperatures by the end of this first week of May. This is the month when we should be able to get most things out in the garden. I [...]