July Top Tips

Dwarf beansRemember the best compost is the gardeners shadow so get out there early …

Keep sowing lettuce, French beans, beetroot, carrots and sugarsnap peas.

Make a tea from the mare’s tail plant (Equisetum arvense) and spray it on your potatoes before any signs of blight. Fill a bucket with mare’s tail leaves and allow to soak over night. Spray undiluted.

Do the same with tomatoes and make a feed from all the de-leafings from the bottom of the plants. Strip the lower two levels of leaves off to allow light to ripening fruit.

De-runner the strawberries unless you want more plants. If you need more let some of the runners root in the ground for lifting and potting or moving to a new bed in October.

Sow a green manure on any empty bed, particularly after a brassica crop. Phacelia is good bee forage when in flower as is red clover.

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