June Top Tips

Get the hoe out on a sunny day and knock off the weed seedlings. I can’t say this too often. One year’s seeding is seven year’s weeding the old saying goes.

Cover your strawberries against marauding birds. This is vital. Once they get a taste for them they will go to any lengths to get at them so get the enviromesh out and fasten it down with heavy bricks.


Take the tips out of broad beans if the blackfly turns up. It is beginning to appear now that we have got some hot weather. These are very good aphid germinating conditions at the moment.

Sow most things in seed beds for transplanting now e.g. lettuce, cabbage, parsley, even celery. Winter brassicas next month. It saves time, watering, compost and produces strong plants that are in tune with their environment.

Transplant leeks as soon as they are big enough and you will be eating by the end of summer.


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