Online Gardening with Tom

Online Organic Gardening. 20 week course
Grow Your Veg the Easy Way
with a simple online course from Tom Digs This


Running over 20 weeks, beginning this Spring the course will:

Follow all the most delicious, nutritious vegetables from seed to plate
Use videos to show you what to do step by step through the growing season
Provide support through written copy as pdf’s to download each week
Be accompanied by photography illustrations
Offer personal mentoring from Tom
Price Special Introductory Offer of £75 (reduced from £125) for the 20 week course (less than £5 per week)


Once you have signed up the course will appear in a private members area of the tom digs this website.

The course is made up of weekly videos which will be accompanied by detailed written descriptions of the filmed material. You will be able to refer back to these films and pdf files forever more, so you will have access to them as an ongoing reference point for as long as you wish. These films will be released weekly as the course progresses through the growing season, allowing the participant to see what is happening at all stages of the gardening process. Once the course has ended, you will have all the material available to continue learning year after year.




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