March Top Tips

primrose1. Sow peas directly into the ground with a few extra seeds in boxes inside in case there is trouble with mice. Do the same with broad beans outside.

2. Keep seeds safe from mice by suspending seed trays from the rafters of the greenhouse or polytunnel.

3. Sow summer leeks. Plastic fruit/mushroom boxes lined with newspaper are perfect for these as they allow the long roots plenty of space. These are slow growers and the sooner they are under way the better.

4. Sow early salad leaf crops such as rocket, mizuna and early heading lettuce that don’t mind cool temperatures like Marvel of Four Seasons. Sow, sow, sow indoors in March, it is time to get things going. But leave the delicate things like cucumbers, courgettes and pumpkins and also leave the parsley, carrots and celery until the temperatures pick up next month in April. Be wary of outdoor sowing, the frost may catch you out.

5. Take any opportunity in dry weather to get compost on the garden and carry on the good work that you hopefully started in February!

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