Forage and Grow
Join Brigit Anna McNeill and Tom Petherick for one of a series of day explorations into wild and cultivated foods. Discover food and medicine from the hedgerows, fields and gardens of Cholwell Farm, Devon.

30 April and 11 June

Here, you will:
learn to forage for seasonal wild food
Find the medicinal value of cultivated and wild plants
Discover how to support and nourish your system using plants
Understand how wild plants support the cultivation of garden crops
Top tips for growing herbs, salads and vegetables
Leave with step by step recipes and foraging and planting lists
Brigit Anna McNeil is a professional forager specialising in wild medicine and herbalism, and the understanding that our food is our medicine. Her teaching approach is not so much to point and talk, rather get up close and personal.. Indeed her belief is that a good days foraging fills the belly and brightens the soul. http://www,

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