How to make Thieves Vinegar


Come and learn how to make a winter heal-all to fight off infections, colds and viruses with Brigit Anna McNeill and Melanie Eclare

July 2nd Cholwell Farm, Dartington, Devon

Thieves Vinegar originates from the time of the Bubonic Plague in France when there was a series of robberies from plague infested houses.  When the thieves were finally caught and tried, they were asked how they had survived.  The answer was the medicinal vinegar they had made with potent herbs and wild flowers, and then soaked on a cloth held over their face as they entered the infected houses.

We will be making our version of Thieves Vinegar we have been using with our own families for the past three years with great success……the moment we feel something coming we take it mixed with honey and hot water.  It works wonders.

We will show you the plants flowers and herbs to use for the Thieves Vinegar and then everyone will make their own batch to keep for the winter when it is an essential of the family medicine cabinet.

10am to 1pm

Price for the morning £35, bring your own glass kilner jar and vinegar.

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