Top Tips for February


  • If the weather dries up and there is not too much frost on the ground, try to get on the garden and get a bed ready for onions, garlic and shallots. The earlier these go in the better. They are fully frost hardy so don’t worry if it gets cold after you have sown them.

  • Bring terracotta pots that might break in the frost indoors. We are in a pattern of cold, dry springs at the moment and there is every chance that there will be frost around in February and March too.

  • Look out for pigeons wanting to feed on brassicas, they will be getting hungry by the time you read this. There is nothing worse than having a well-nurtured purple sprouting crop ravaged by greedy birds.

  • Invest in a roll of fleece or better still the sturdier enviromesh. Both are perfect for laying over crops vulnerable to pigeons, pheasants and deer. They will keep light frost off and they will also warm soil if needed before sowing seeds.

  • If you have a small propagator it is good to check that it works because this is the month to sow tomatoes, aubergines and peppers indoors, and even some of the slow to grow flowers like antirrhinums. Because light levels are still low it is good to start them off with some bottom heat and that is what the propagator provides.

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